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As newborns, one of the first things we tasted was milk. REDA has worked with the dairy industry since 1983 and is a worldwide leader in providing and supporting dairy processing plants worldwide.

Most dairy production is consumed in the form of fresh dairy products. The share of drinking milk in the global consumption is expected to increase over the coming decade due to stronger demand.

We can support you during the entire processing of drinking milk, from milk reception until packing, whilst targeting milk safety as our first priority.

We know the value of cream in the dairy world. That’s why we handle gently this delicate ingredient in order to preserve its high nutritional characteristics.

Processing cream in different ways and with different percentages of fat, allows us to obtain a great variety of final product: such as whipped cream, coffee cream, cooking cream, pastry cream, butter cream, besciamella, single cream, creme flambè, crème fraiche etc.

Cheese has been around for thousands of years and since then it is part of our daily lives. It is not just a “round shape” of processed milk, we know and understand that it is an integral part of countries heritage.

That is why we pay great care and attention to milk treatments in order to respect the raw material, as well as to ensure a premium quality cheese.

Flexible solution for every taste.

Nowadays the market has many types of fermented products, with different texture, flavors and aroma.

Fermented products are an excellent source of calcium and protein, but more and more studies confirm that they provide numerous potential health benefits to the human diet.

Over years we have developed a deep experience and comprehensive know-how that make us a worldwide supplier of complete lines in the dairy industries.

REDA supplies single machines, processing plants and engineering that can be combined in fully automated lines. Full automation and supervision guarantee lower management costs and reduced risk of error.