Dairy products are fundamental to maintain a complete nutritional balance.
The dairy industry, being one of the most advanced food processing industries, is capable to process milk and milk by-products to the highest standards thanks to sophisticated engineering applications both in production and in the process control.
REDA, world-wide supplier of dairy processing equipment, has developed a large series of milk pasteurizing units and UHT lines for fluid milk and high viscosity products too.
The wide range of self-cleaning centrifuges (milk separators, milk clarifiers, bacteria removal separators) and in-line milk/cream standardizers, assure the highest quality treatment to the product.
These applications are completed finally with the new generation of membrane filtration systems (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) which reflect the reliability and quality that have always characterized REDA equipment.

Juice and drinks

Italy is well-known as one of the world biggest producers of fruits and tomato as well.
This has given our company the opportunity of developing the following:
  • Fruit purées and concentrates pasteurizing units for storing or aseptic filling and also clear juices and fruit nectars units for cold or hot filling with plates or tubular systems.
  • Self-cleaning juice clarifiers.
  • Complete fruit juices/nectars blending systems starting from natural concentrates and fruit purées.

Wine and spirits

A long and deepening research in wine sector has permitted REDA to mature in the time a notable experience in new technologies.
In case the grape must doesn’t have the desired sugar content, due to unfavorable season, there are no reasons to be worried.
Our low temperature concentrators help the wine to regain all its qualitative dowries.
In recent years, market trends require more and more frequently less alcoholic wines and in this regard REDA cold dealcoholization system satisfies quickly and with excellent results this demand.
For red wines REDA has developed a new polyphenols extraction technique that allows to optimize the potential of grapes by obtaining great red wines.
The best guarantee for us is represented by hundreds of references of most famous and important wine producers.
Have you ever thought that drinking some Portuguese, French, Spanish or Italian wine that its clarity and brightness may be the result of the centrifugal force of REDA clarifiers?
Unfortunately this cannot be written on the bottle label.

Special products

REDA provides its experience and expertise in the process and thermal treatment of a wide range of special foods including:
soy milk, rice milk, baby foods, soft drinks, isotonic drinks, tea, natural extracts, essential oils, liquid eggs, honey, etc.
The R&D division of REDA is available to provide advice on specific projects.