Thirtieth anniversary

REDA S.p.A. celebrates its thirtieth anniversary of activity and successes!
This represents an important milestone demonstrating the winning choices and strategies adopted by its management in all these years, and it represents at the same time a new starting point.
In these 30 years REDA strongly established itself both in national and international markets by developing new state-of-the-art technologies.
These results were achieved thanks to the dedication and commitment of all partners and employees, past and present, who have been sharing a very simple goal: customer satisfaction.
Today REDA is recognized by all its customers as a serious and reliable partner when taking on new challenges for the future.
The complexity of the political/economic world situation in which this event occurs is not braking design capabilities and proposals that have always been part of REDA, but pushes to acquire a new rational framework where to offerproducts and services in a faster, modern and efficient way.

Thanks to all those people who have allowed us to achieve this result!


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