REDA S.p.A. has designed and produced a new plant for extracting polyphenols from stemmed grapes which uses a continuous and ultrafast process to extract the maximum amount of anthocyans, tannins and aroma precursors. The final result is wines which totally respect typicality and with improved structure, colour and bouquet. The wines are perfumed, soft and round from the very first day without the graminoid, astringent taste that is present when traditional techniques are used.
This treatment grants the maximum extraction of polyphenols with a fermentation period of 2/3 days at the usual fermentation temperatures, with the great advantage of being able to manage the vinification in shorter and shorter harvest.
The plant, controlled in automatic though PLC, is equipped with a REDA S.p.A. original thermal recovery system, ensuring an energy saving of up to 60/70% both during the heating and cooling phases.

REDA offers the basic model EPR and the original version EPR-F, equipped with its own Chiller/Heat Pump, thus supplied ready for use.