The fractional distillation at very low temperature
This new dealcoholization system is designed to be used for wines dealcholisation through low temperature distillation. With this innovative technique only part of the wine comes processed (10/20% of the mass) while the remaining will be not touched.
A great advantage for preservation of wine quality.
The treatment foresees a fast “cold distillation” of the wine at +15°C with extraction of an evaporate mixture with 50°/60° Alcohol.
Aromas recovery system will be selected in case of aromatic wines process.

The very low process temperature and the great flexibility of REDA dealcholizer allow to get final wine with -1°/-2° Alcohol very well balanced, fresh and aromatic.

The best results are obtained in absolute terms by intervening at the end of wine fermentation thus allowing it to find immediately a perfect balance and not to be disturbed anymore.

Finally, in case of raining season before grapes harvest, the unit can work as a classic low temperature concentrator for the self-enrichments of must always through under vacuum evaporation at +18°C/+22°C.

Technical data Dealcoholisation system