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CIP cleaning

REDA CIP plants (Cleaning in Place) are studied and realized for the sterilization and the cleaning of all types of tanks and equipment.
These systems include preparation, storage, distribution and return of chemical solutions according to specific cycles and washing steps that can be managed automatically or semi-automatically.
In any case, the control system detects and records the basic data such as the washing solution concentration, temperatures, flow rates, washing times, phases.

Normally, these systems are designed and built according to specific customer needs and can provide many options:

  • Mobile or fixed versions pre-installed on a platform or on the floor;
  • Rinsing water tank as option;
  • Systems with one, two, three or more delivery lines;
  • Capacities from 1,000 to 35,000 l/hr.

CIP cleaning plants of REDA are always designed to respect maximal efficiency, friendly use, energy saving and environmental protection.