Reda in the emergin new markets

REDA Group announces the acquisition of a major contract from one of the leading operators in the Iranian dairy milk industry for the most important investment project of the last decade in Iran. The project concerns the construction of a new production plant spread over a total area of over 80,000 square meters with a daily process capacity of 500,000 liters of milk for the production of: UHT milk, flavored milk, acidified milk, cream , dough, yogurt drink with various flavors of fruit, juices and beverages based on mix drinks milk/fruit.
REDA has been entrusted with the construction and the supply of raw materials receipt, storage, reconstitution, recipes peparation, heat process (pasteurization and sterilization), aseptic storage. REDA will also provide installations for chemical cleaning for all production lines, including aseptic filling area and tankers cleaning.
Besides to the development of the engineering project, the buyer has designated REDA for the total development of automation of every production phase with a dedicated software developed and tailored by REDA. All production will thus be continuously supervised from a centralized control room, as well as remotely controlled from REDA headquarter via modem/internet connections. In this context REDA has provided also the technological support for the development and the set up of recipes relating to various final products.
Inside the Iranian market from more than 15 years providing plants and equipment for the dairy and milk sector, REDA once again demonstrates the high level of technology reached, and strengthens its role as a world leader in the developing of industrial processing solutions tailored to specific technical requirements.


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